Leading from Within: My Life Through the REFRAME Lens - Part 2

Leading from Within: My Life Through the REFRAME Lens - Part 2
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Last week - in Part 1, I took you on a journey through the winding corridors of my mind, exploring the personal revelations that shaped me. We dove deep into my choices, my mistakes, and the crucial moments of self-recognition that have brought me to where I stand today. As profound as those internal revelations were, it's the external world, with all its intricate complexities, that often poses the more significant challenges. Armed with a better understanding of myself, I was now ready to face the world and its perceptions, to pioneer beyond my past, and to engage with a redefined sense of self. Let's pick up where we left off...

Channeling Regret into Motivation
Empowered by genuine connections and a newfound purpose, I navigated the choppy waters of societal rejection. My criminal record often stood as an indelible ink stain on my resume, casting a shadow over my potential and aspirations. Yet, each rejection ignited a fire within, propelling me to redefine my trajectory and showcase that one's past should not overshadow their future potential.

One instance remains particularly vivid. After an exhaustive interview process, I was ecstatic to receive a job offer. The catch? It was contingent upon a background check. With a start date in sight and no updates on the background check, I assumed all was well. Three days into my new role—settling into my new desk, acquainting myself with the office's stapler —the other shoe dropped. My background check had returned, and just like that, my nascent journey with the company came to a jarring halt. Though not an isolated incident, the sting of this particular rejection was palpable.

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