Leadership as a Virus: Infecting Your Workplace.

Leadership as a Virus: Infecting Your Workplace.

How many times have we looked up when we said the word leadership? Maybe you didn't physically crane your neck up, but maybe you looked up in the org chart. I ask you to look at yourself, we are all leaders, be conscious about how you are leading.

Within society, especially in the corporate realm, we've been conditioned to mistake leadership for authority, to conflate it with those charged with overseeing others. This concept is profoundly flawed—a fundamental misunderstanding of what leadership truly entails. The notion that leadership is reserved for the titled few not only is misleading but also diminishes the potential within each member of an organization.

Leadership isn't about the power to command or being bestowed with managerial titles or responsibilities, many people with this authority are absolute terrible leaders. It's about influence and inspiration. Reflecting on my incarceration, I saw a microcosm devoid of formal leadership titles, all of us titled inmate, governed instead by written and unwritten communal rules. Yet, leadership flourished there used by some as a blunt instrument, by others as a means to navigate and uphold morality amid chaos. This is a powerful testament that leadership does not originate from a title; it springs from the innate ability to guide and enact change, irrespective of one’s official status.

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